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Purelink HDMI Socket - PureIns


Purelink HDMI Socket - PureInstall, 2-Port

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Purelink HDMI Socket - PureInstall, 2-Port
The HDMI wall plate PI105 of the PureInstall series with two ports is ideally suited for fixed installations and HDMI signal transmission through walls. Simplest signaling by connecting an HDMI source to the jack of the wall box that outputs the signal through a permanent HDMI cable to a different HDMI wall plate. This allows first of all a simple space-saving and aesthetic especially way of transmitting an HDMI signal, such as conference rooms or home cinema area. Support of 3D signals and HDTV resolutions up to 4k (2160p).

Our Pure Install Series for high claims offers guaranteed and certified PureLink® quality at an excellent price / performance ratio. High-quality materials and the most suitable connectors and couplings, gold plated contacts and the elimination of all unnecessary make these PureLink® products to a good investment anywhere the work takes place. For maximum flexibility the PureInstall Series contains both high quality cables, adapters, signal amplifier also versatile, Wall Plates and other installation accessories. Through best quality from a single source, you can be sure that everything fits together perfectly.

- High Speed ??HDMI 3D and HDTV resolutions up to 4k (2160p).
- space-saving, clean and easy transmission of HDMI signals.
- no disturbing cables anymore.
- especially suitable for professional applications and installations.


Sokkel typeHDMI
Farve på produktWhite
Moduler, antal (maks.)1
Sokler, antal2
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