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Purelink VGA + Audio wallplate


Purelink VGA + Audio wallplate, PureID Series.

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Purelink VGA + Audio wallplate, PureID Series.
PureLink's PureID wallplate series enables an ideal integration of the media-technology by modular wall connection fields, which can be individually equipped with HDMI, VGA, network and other data- and audio-video interfaces, depending on the respective application.

This modular wallplate panel can be equipped with each of the available mounting frames and ensures an optimal transmission of a VGA signal including audio.

The modular wallplate panel includes both a VGA port for connecting a monitor, and a 3.5 mm audio jack for the transfer of audio files.

- 1x VGA connection
- 1x Stereo audio connection (3.5mm)
- Practical and easy clipping into 2-fold or 5-fold mounting frame
- Space-saving, clean and easy transfer of VGA and audio signals
- No disturbing cable anymore
- Especially for professional applications and installations


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